Are the Δ8-THC products you are using compliant?

While working on our new product formulas I realized that not all Δ8-THC was made the same. In fact after testing competitors extracts and products I found that not many are even compliant or legal.

The main attraction of Δ8-THC is the legality regarding its recreational use in North America. With many states upholding a tight restriction on Δ9-THC reporting consistent and compliant results of Δ9-THC levels below .3% is vital to the survival of a company.

Many extractors list that potency varies in 10-15% ranges and that conversions may further occur in transit of the extracts. This inconsistency can jeopardize the integrity of the final product for formulators and make the extracts illegal. 

How can you ensure that the products you are using are legal?

Make sure you are purchasing your products from a credible source or manufacturer. As they will have the knowledge and experience needed to produce high quality extracts. 

Always look for 3rd party full panel lab test results on your extracts! If a product does not have its results listed on its label then request the lab results from the manufacturer. Once you receive the extracts have them tested again to compare results before formulating with or using for personal use. 

We’re not saying you should stop using delta 8, we are suggesting that you do your due diligence to ensure your safety when consuming or making a purchase because not all Δ8-THC is made the same.